Today NCAB Members visited College Tribe ( and conducted a mini-workshop introducing the students to laboratory animal science.


AREA Program

A total of four Austin schools have signed up to participate in the AREA program -- bringing a total of approximately 130 students to participate. 

A total of 6 Tour Guides have signed up to participate. -- We need a total of 50 Tour Guides! Please help solicit AALAS members attending the National Meeting to volunteer.  The AREA Program will take place on Tuesday, October 17th at the Convention Center in Austin, TX.  Tour guides must be registered attendees of the 2017 National Meeting and will need to be available from 8:45am - 1:30pm that day.  If you have previously volunteered, you know what a fun and rewarding event this is! If you have not volunteered in the past, don't let this year's opportunity pass you by! Follow the link below for sign up and additional details.

Americans for Medical Progress has launched an Historic new Transparency initiative called 

"Come See Our World - Bringing Everyone Into Research Facilities."

follow the link for more information

FASEB is an official partner for the March for Science.  They have developed a toolkit to help advocate for increased funding for federal science agencies.  Learn more through the link below.


AALAS Foundation Announces

"Guitar Animal Hero" Contest

Sound check... One, Two, Three!

Registration into the "Guitar Animal Hero" contest - to benefit the AALAS Foundation and its mission  - is NOW OPEN

2017 Silent & Live Auction

The foundations Facebook "2017 Silent & Live Auction" photo gallery is up and running - displaying photos of all auction items to be up for bid at the National meeting. The photo gallery will be updated as more auction items are received and approved for upload. 

Please share the online auction item pledge form with anyone you think might be interested in donating an item to this year's auction. 

Animals in Research Facilities Need and Deserve Quality Care

Animals in research facilities depend on their human caretakers for their day-to-day needs. We must have animals that are healthy and happy in order to produce quality research in animals that can be applied to humans. In other words, the animals must receive food, water and social stimulation appropriate for their species.

Most people working in the field of Laboratory Animal Science will tell you caring for animals in a research environment is not just their job - it's their passion. Their work is a labor of love - ensuring that their animals receive high quality compassionate care.

The AALAS Foundation, a nonprofit organization, relies on support from its donors to develop important public awareness campaigns and outreach materials that will allow it to:

§  Bring awareness to the general public about the compassionate professionals working in the field of laboratory animal science

§  Communicate the important role of animals in research

§  Offer free resource materials to assist laboratory animal science professionals conducting outreach activities in their local communities

Please click the link to see what the Foundation is all about what and what activities are being planned and implemented this year