Our Mission

  • Sponsor training courses, workshops and seminars
  • Promote exchange of information between persons working in the field of laboratory animal care.
  • Promote improvements in the humane care and use of laboratory animals.
  • Recognize outstanding person in the field of laboratory animals
  • Provide current information on laboratory animal science to interested members of the general public, news media, or governmental organizations.
  • Support other nonprofit organizations with similar goals.

NCAB / AALAS Council 2017


President- Dr. LaTesa Hughes 

President Elect- Erika Wiltrout

 Immediate Past President-Dr. Temeri Wilder-Kofie

Secretary-Daisy Khouri Saba

Treasurer-Mark Miller

Treasurer Elect- Dave Mallon

District 3 Trustee- Dr. Larry Shelton

 At-Large Trustee- Lisa Secrest



Ad Hoc- Melissa Marrah/ Mark Smith

Awards-Dr. Jan Linkenhoker/ Dr. Danielle Covington

Education-Claudine Bobb/ Nina Callaham

Seminar- Kim Faunce/ Dr. F. Salih Muhammad

Program-Bryan Beltran/ Erin Straley

  Individual Membership-Dr. Theresa Meade/ Shanna Redfearn

 Institutional Membership-Todd Matejovich/ Liz Kramer

Public Outreach-Dr. Tia Bobo/ Kristin Demuro

Publicity- Molly Romick

Nominations- Dr. Temeri Wilder-Kofie/ Curtis Black

Financial Advisory- Dr. Lauren Davidson

Government Relations- Dr. Bill Iverson/ Dr. Dawn Fitzhugh

Historian-Brooke Davis-Ritchie/ Jasmine Nelson

Technician Branch Representative-Vaneesha Ali

M. Information systems- Alisha Rhodes/ Philip Overton

Newsletter Editor- Ayo Fawibe